Susan Link Photography | Information

Portrait Session Details

My clients have a choice when they choose me as their photographer. I provide quality portraits and custom photographic art.  Candid shots are my favorite. I offer the option of bringing my portable studio to your home or we can meet at an outdoor location such as a park or downtown.  Most my clients choose to have their sessions in an outdoor setting where it is more relaxing and if there are children more areas to roam around.  There are no time constraints. Generally a session will run about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  I want to get to know you and your family and have fun doing it!  Sessions are not rushed and I like to provide enough time to get the right shots.


Session Preparation Details

What to wear?

Many people ask me what to wear, and that is really up to you and the type of portrait that you are looking for. My advice is to dress simple and classic.  The goal of the image is that the focus is on you and your true personality.  For family photographs, wearing color that compliment each other always looks best. I like to tell my clients to "coordinte" and not "match". 


Take a Picture

"Say Cheese"

Most of my work is spontaneous and impromtu. Especially for kids there is no real need to ask your little ones to "smile" or "say cheese" . My favorite shots tend to be the candid ones. I want to capture yours and your families spirit and personality even if it's not a traditional smile.